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Audio: Madlib - Motown Mix // Stonesthrow

Audio: Madlib - Motown Mix // Stonesthrow 


01:18 MARTHA REEVES – Anyone Who Had A Heart
03:00 EDDIE KENDRICKS – Intimate Friends
03:50 THE TEMPTATIONS – I’m A Bachelor
04:58 GROVER WASHINGTON – Loran’s Dance
08:20 THE JACKSON 5 – Sing A Simple Song
09:45 MICHAEL JACKSON – People Make The World Go ‘Round
10:26 THE TEMPTATIONS – Runaway Child Runnin’ Wild
12:00 TAMMI TERRELL – Come On And See Me
14:36 THE JACKSON 5 – Little Bitty Pretty One
15:15 FOUR TOPS Still Water
16:15 UNDISPUTED TRUTH – Brother Louie
16:48 WILLIE HUTCH – Sunshine Lady
18:30 SUPREMES – Oh be my love
19:10 SUPREMES – Now the Bitter, Now the Sweet
20:25 STEVIE WONDER – Tuesday Heartbreak
21:00 SYREETA – Baby Don’t You Let Me Lose This
21:45 FOUR TOPS – Light My Fire
22:05 FOUR TOPS – Light My Fire
22:20 FOUR TOPS – Light My Fire
23:15 ELAINE BROWN – I Know Who You Are
23:50 ELAINE BROWN – Child in the world
25:16 JERMAINE JACKSON Castles of sand
27:00 EDDIE KENDRICKS – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
28:20 THE MIRACLES – Do It Baby
29:45 THE SUPREMES – Its time to breakdown
32:18 UNDISPUTED TRUTH – I Saw You When You Met Her ??
35:35 JACKSON 5 – Is great to be here
37:70 MARVIN GAYE – Too busy thinking about my baby
38:25 JACKIE JACKSON – Is It Him Or Me
41:29 THE CRUSADERS – Listen and you’ll see
41:40 THE COMMODORES – Funny Feelings
42:40 UNDISPUTED TRUTH – Walk on by
44:49 THE COMMODORES – Fire Girl
44:57 RICK JAMES – Fire It Up
46:18 STEVIE WONDER – Think Of Me As Your Soldier
46:26 STEVIE WONDER – Look Around
47:45 WILLIE HUTCH – I Like Everything About You
48:25 THE MARVELETTES – My Baby Must Be A Magician
49:49 RARE EARTH -Get Ready
50:38 EDWIN STARR – Easin’ In
52:04 THE TEMPTATIONS (breakbeat)
52:35 THE TEMPTATIONS -Can’t get next to you
52:43 STEVIE WONDER – Rocket Love
53:30 YVONNE FAIR – Let Your Hair Down
54:30 STEVIE WONDER – You can’t judge a book by its cover
55:56 RICK JAMES – Cold Blooded
59:50 GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS – If I Were Your Woman
60:40 FOUR TOPS – I’ll Be There

for all madlib and the motown funk soul history fans...this is Fire!!

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